Water Mains and Services Design

For any developments that may require new adoptable water mains or private water services then WPS Ltd can assist you will all of the required processes. 

Our Technical staff are suitably Lloyds Accredited Designers and have extensive experience in the water servicing requirements for all types of developments and provide this service to many major Consultants and Developers of housing and non-domestic projects, Public bodies, Central and Local Government bodies as well as small, single site developers. 

Such Design facilities also include for any off-site diversionary or infrastructural reinforcement mains.

If your development requires a new water supply/system we can help you with the design of general requirements and the pipework layout for both adoptable mains and private services. and can offer a full Design and Application service from the initial PDE Application through to the formal Technical Approvals by Scottish Water including any WIRS based Site Investigation Survey and the dealings with the Fire Service. Following-on from the Technical Approvals we can also offer the complete installation works for any new mains and services – so can offer a complete ‘A to Z’ provision for your water servicing and so removing this ‘hassle’ from any Developer. 

Water Pipe Installation

The significant experience of our engineering staff and operatives allow WPS Ltd to offer all Clients and Developers a complete installation ‘package’ for any proposed adoptable new water mains or private water services for their development – including, where necessary, any off-site new mains or diversionary or infrastructural reinforcement mains.

Accredited Experts in Water Pipe Design

WPS Ltd can provide a complete water servicing Design and installation management service for Clients and Developers including Utility companies in Scotland and through-out the UK. Our qualified and experienced Designing Engineers are fully Lloyds Accredited and can deal with any water servicing layouts and connections required for a development, no matter how complex they are. This ‘specialist’ facility requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to ensure the design is as efficient as possible, meets all the requirements and standards of the Water Authority and is the best practical and ‘economic’ arrangement.

With WPS Ltd you will be working with experienced and accredited experts who have gained full Lloyds/WIRS (Water Industry Registration Scheme) Accreditation in the Design and Construction of all adoptable water mains and private on-site service pipes and water supply arrangements

Discuss Your Project

If you would like to talk to us about your plans for water mains and services design, we would be happy to discuss your project with you. Call today to speak to one of our friendly team members and we look forward to helping you.