Water Leak Detection & Repair

At Water & Pipeline Services, we specialise in detecting, locating and repairing water leaks. Water leaks and burst pipes can be caused by many factors, and it’s essential to find out what the cause is quickly and safely before setting about repairing the pipe in the shortest time possible to reduce any potential damage that it could cause and to minimise the costs to the client for repairs and loss/wastage of water and any environmental damage.

Leaks which go undetected detected for any length of time can potentially cause significant further damage and flooding; causing the Client to have to pay for all of the water losses as well as impacting on the overall water infrastructure of Scottish Water and the environment.

It’s important to get leaking and burst water pipes fixed as soon as possible and WPS Ltd can help you with this.

Typical Causes of Water Leaks

Depending on their age and materials water pipes can lose their structural strength and integrity over time. Corrosion and poor practices during installation can also lead to pipes leaking and failing and the older the pipe is the greater the risks of such failures occurring.

There are many reasons why a pipe can leak or fail. Depending on the pipe materials structural cracks can appear or joints start to fail the older the pipe is – especially for non-metallic pipes – and the stresses from the surrounding ground due to loadings or temperature changes over the years are the common reasons for pipes to fail or burst.

Mains Water Leak Detection

Because the infrastructure is underground, it is impossible to visually determine the location of the water leak unless the water rises to the surface – the usual first indication of this being a higher than usual meter reading or water bill. Our expert engineers therefore utilise the very latest technology to first detect the location of any leaks and from this to then effect repairs the pipes as quickly, efficiently and securely as practical.

We use the latest equipment to detect leaks, including the use of listening devices that penetrate the ground and locate the leak fast. We are often able to detect water leaks without the need to carry out excavations, causing as little disruption to the supply as possible.

Our on-site will include carrying-out checks and ‘tests’ on all available external valves or ‘stop taps’ to determine if the leak is external between meter and any buildings and if possible, the section of underground pipe that the leak/burst in on. If the pipework is metallic, we will mark up the line of the pipe and using our Leak Noise Correlator to determine if this can identify any leaks or bursts over the length of the pipeline.  We can also use our sounding equipment which can locate any minute ‘leakage’ noises using detectors on the surface with the highest noise readings being marked as a possible leakage location.

Our Engineers can determine or identify where the leakage may be as well as how severe it is and they can then determine how to carry-out repairs to best suit the Client’s site requirements with all works being carried out in a safe and environmentally friendly manor.

Mains Water Repair

Once a leak or burst has been detected it is important to carry-out repairs as soon as possible to reduce further damage and to prevent wasting water unnecessarily. We can repair pipes or replace sections of them as required avoiding disruption to the Client’s processes or site activities where possible.

Replacing pipes with newer, stronger materials and jointing systems can provide a more durable and long-lasting solution and reduce the risk of further, future leaks or failures occurring.

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