Wastewater Construction

Wastewater construction is an essential task for Clients and Developers and indeed Utility companies. At WPS Ltd our team of highly skilled staff have over a decade of experience installing wastewater pipes and infrastructure carrying-out sewer upgrades, repairs and maintenance.

These tasks require our operatives to have specialist skills, training and an understanding of the latest technology and techniques. We aim to make the process as quick as possible while ensuring safety at all times and reducing disruption to our Client’s site activities and the public.

Waste-water Construction and Installation

Waste-water installations are often required for large, new developments but it is also required for smaller projects. We have significant experience in working on waste-water systems and have worked on both large and small projects over the years.

Our skilled operatives are not only highly experienced but also receive regular training on the latest techniques and technologies associated with sewer repairs or for the installation of waste-water discharge pipework and existing sewer or manhole connections. We ensure that all installations are carried out correctly first time and to the standards of Scottish Water and so can be relied on to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Sewer Upgrades & Sewer Repairs

As well as constructing wastewater systems from scratch, we also work on a range of related projects. We regularly work on sewer upgrade projects when a system has become old, ineffective and requires repairing or replacing.

Leaks in sewer pipes can be caused by a wide range of factors, and we can install new wastewater pipes or provide sewer repairs according to the requirements.

Gravity or Pump Sewer Installs

In the correct ground conditions these can be installed by directional drilling to minimise the disruption to any site of location and we have the capability to install these pipes in sizes up to and including 400mm in diameter over a range of lengths. Directional Drilling gives us the ability to install new waste-water pipes to specified gradients for gravity system or to given depths for pumped systems.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs

At WPS Ltd we always strive to minimise disruption to Developers and the Public in carrying-out any sewer etc repair works while still looking to keep costs to a Client as low as possible / practical and maintaining all required safety requirements and environmental standards and impacts.

Using our experienced staff and trenchless equipment and plant WPS Ltd can provide a high quality repair and replacement facility to Clients and Developers for dealing with their waste-water installation requirements.

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