Specialists in Trenchless Techniques

At Water & Pipeline Services, we are the local specialists in trenchless techniques, bringing significant benefits for our clients in terms of lower costs, less disruption and reduced environmental impact.

We invested heavily in Trenchless Technology when we set up in 2012 with important purchases including the Ditch Witch JT30 All Terrain Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig and Grundoburst Pipeburster.

We have a great deal of experience across several disciplines within utility construction, providing trenchless techniques for water, sewer and gas projects.

Here are the main trenchless techniques we provide at WPS but we can also offer other methods including Live Insertion, Augering, Sliplinning and Moling.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

We are experts in Horizontal Directional Drilling, a technique that has significant benefits for our customers as well as for the environment.

Using this technique, there is no need to dig trenches, leading to important savings on construction costs for our customers as this reduces the amount of open cut work required, in turn this also has environmental benefits and reduces the removal of spoil to landfill.

Using specialist equipment, we can drill into rock and offer pipe size installation up to 400 mm with lengths of over 200 metres in a single shot. The HDD method can also be used to install gravity sewers to grade over large distances of up to 200 metres.

As well as the drilling work, we also provide road opening notices, traffic management, supplying the pipework and jointing, and carrying out the excavation and backfilling of the launch, trial and receive pits.

The operatives are all direct employees of WPS and maintain the highest safety standards at all times along with a can-do attitude. An Operations Manager will also oversee every project to ensure high standards are maintained.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is a highly effective technique that is used to repair broken pipes without having to dig a trench. Using this technique, the pipe is broken intentionally by using force, whilst the new pipe is pulled into position at the same time.

Because the bursting process increases the size of the hole momentarily, there is the option to replace the pipe with a larger pipe, increasing flow capacity. This technique also has several benefits in that it is safer, more affordable and more environmentally friendly than many traditional methods.

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We can help you with any pipeline project using a range of trenchless techniques so you can enjoy the benefits and reduce the environmental impact of your works. Contact us today to discuss our trenchless techniques further