Soil Sample Analysis

When installing water pipes, there is a lot of work involved – especially for the larger water mains of services – before the actual installation of the pipes can be carried out. We have significant experience in installing water pipelines in Scotland and the UK, and one of the essential services we provide for water pipeline projects at the design and pre-installation stage is the provision of a suitable UKWIRS based Site Investigation Survey Report – a report that includes the results of soil samples analysis. The results of the soil sample analysis will determine the pipe materials that can be used.

What Is Soil Sample Analysis?

A UK WIRS based soil sampling analysis report is required when a development involves the installation of underground water pipes that are larger than a 32 mm PE pipe and determines the pipe materials that can be used. If the wrong pipe materials are used in contaminate soils then this can affect the quality of the water that could have an effect on people’s health if drinking /consuming the water.

UK WIRS soil sampling and analysis is required as if the soils are contaminated it can lead to some contaminants to permeate through the pipe materials effecting the water quality or even to degrade the pipe materials. This is especially important for ‘brown-field’ developments where the previous use of the site is unknown as there could have been contaminants used historically with-in the site.

It is therefore essential to ’test’ the soils prior to the installation of any underground water pipework as the Water Authority will require this information a for any assessment of the proposed installation’s designs.

How Do You Carry Out Soil Sample Analysis?

In order to analyse the soil through-out a site to determine what pipe materials can be used Trial pits are required to be excavated along the route of any proposed new pipework in order that samples can be taken at the correct depth.

Once the holes have been excavated, we will use specialist Consultants to take the required soil samples and to get these samples analysed at an Accredited Laboratory. This generally involves carrying out a risk assessment of the areas of excavation with appropriate safety measures carried out to allow the Trial Pit excavations to be carried out safely.

We will also interpret the results for you to provide you with information on which materials can be used and any other safety requirements for the installation of any pipework.

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If you are planning to install water supply pipes, make sure you arrange for your soil sample analysis. We can carry out the analysis as well as install the water pipes once permission has been given, so contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail.