Pipe Bursting in Scotland and the UK

Pipe bursting is one of the techniques we carry out for our clients across Scotland and the UK. This popular technique has several advantages over conventional techniques. Contact us to discuss our pipe bursting service today.

What Is Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting is a technique that is used to replace underground pipes without having to dig a trench. With this technique, the pipe is intentionally broken using force, and the fragments of old pipe are forced out into the surrounding soil. The old pipe leaves a space so that the new pipe can be pulled into position to replace it.  This can be used on clay, plastic, ductile and steel pipes as well as cast iron.

Benefits of Pipe Bursting

Bursting the old pipe and inserting a new one without the need to dig a trench means there are many benefits that this technique provides.

Increase Flow Capacity

One of the potential benefits of pipe bursting is that it allows you to increase the flow capacity of the pipe. When the old pipe is burst, the hole’s width is temporarily increased, allowing you to insert a larger pipe if you want to.

Reduce Trench Settlement

Trenches will often subside once they are filled in, which can be problematic, especially in commercial areas with pavements. While trench settlement is often corrected later, it is an added expense, because pipe bursting does not involve digging a trench, trench settlement is not a problem when using this technique.

Less Damage

The work area is not disrupted as much with pipe bursting as with other techniques that involve digging a trench. As such, there is less clean-up and repair work required after the pipe is fixed.

More Environmentally Friendly

Pipe bursting is a much more “greener” technique than many conventional techniques. There is no need to use any toxic substances and no substances will enter the water supply or get up to ground level.

More Affordable

Pipe bursting is a cost-effective technique because it is not as labour intensive as some other techniques. No large machinery is needed to dig up the soil, fewer workers are required and there is less clean-up involved.

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