Open Techniques

At WPS, we specialise in trenchless techniques because of the many benefits that these provide. However, we also provide open techniques for certain projects where trenchless techniques are not viable for various reasons.

What Are Open Techniques?

Techniques like Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Suction Excavation and Pipe Bursting are some of the specialist trenchless techniques that we provide at WPS. These involve installing and fixing pipes underneath the ground without disturbing the surface.

Open cut techniques, however, are another more traditional way to install pipelines for utility companies as well as to repair pipelines. With these, the installation requires the surface of the ground to be opened up first to a required depth in order to install the pipeline.

In these projects, a trench is excavated to install each piece of pipeline. Once the pipeline has been repaired or installed, the area that has been excavated needs to be backfilled, and the surface must be restored.

Are Open Techniques Suitable for My Project?

Whether open techniques or trenchless techniques are suitable for your project depends on various factors. When you discuss the details of your project with us, we will be able to provide you with more information.

Obviously, digging a trench is far more disruptive. This is especially true when the trench needs to be dug over a road or pavement, and this may also require traffic management or even the closure of the road.

Where they are viable, trenchless methods are often preferred. They only require excavation at the entry and exit points, meaning there is far less disruption involved. And because the work is nearly all carried out underground, traffic and pedestrians are not affected.

Get in Touch

If you are unsure whether you need open techniques or trenchless techniques, contact us today. You can discuss your project with one of our experts and we’ll be able to provide you with a much clearer idea of which is the right solution for your project.