Moling, Sliplining, Live Insertion

We specialise in trenchless technology at WPS and we utilise several different methods depending on the specifics of the project. As well as Horizontal Directional Drilling and Pipe Bursting, we also offer Moling, Sliplining and Live Insertion.


Moling, also called Impact Moling, is another trenchless technique that we use to lay pipes. Moling is used to install water mains or other pipes without having to dig up the area, and can be used where pipes need to be repaired or replaced. 

With Moling, a pneumatically driven machine, called the mole, is forced through the ground along the route where the pipe is to be laid.

It is one of the least invasive techniques and can be used to install pipes around and under different obstacles. It is a useful option when installing pipes underneath pavements and roads because it causes less disruption than digging trenches, it is also a more environmentally friendly technique.

However, Moling is not always appropriate where ground conditions prove to be a problem in the area. We have helped numerous clients on projects both large and small, so contact us to discuss whether it is the right option for your works.

Live Insertion

Live insertion is a pipe replacement technique where an old pipe is replaced with a new one. It is primarily used in the gas industry to replace old metal pipelines with new PE pipes.

With this technique, the old main is live during the process so gas supplies are not affected. Live insertion is quick and convenient but it is a specialist task that requires a high degree of skill and training; because only a small excavation is needed for access, disruption is limited using this technique. It is also cost-effective compared to many other techniques, and it has very little impact on the environment.


Sliplining is a technique used for both pipe repair and pipe installation. It can be used for water pipes, gas pipes and sewers.

New Polyethylene pipes are inserted inside the old existing pipes by pulling them into place in order to seal leaks. It is also used to line existing pipes with a lining material for the same purpose.

Sliplining can be used in pipes of most sizes, but it is mainly suited to straight pipes. It is a quick and cost-effective technique, and our experienced team would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss Moling, Sliplining or Live Insertion with us, please get in touch today. One of our team members will be happy to discuss your requirements about these techniques, and we can help you decide which is the right option for your project.