Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is one of the primary trenchless techniques we use at WPS. It has significant benefits for our clients in terms of costs, and it also has important environmental benefits compared to techniques involving the excavation of trenches. Contact us today to find more about how we can help with your HDD requirements.

What Is Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Horizontal Directional Drilling, which is sometimes called Directional Boring or Jet Tracking, is a drilling technique used to install utilities underground that has minimal impact on the surrounding area.

The standard process involves excavating a launch and receiving pit, setting up of the HDD equipment, the directional drilling machine will first drill a pilot hole and then pre-ream the hole to make it larger. We then carry out a pullback of the pipe into the hole.

Our advanced HDD equipment is capable of drilling rock, and we can provide installation of pipes up to 500 mm diameter and lengths of over 200 metres in a single shot.

Advantages of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling has several advantages over other traditional techniques that involve the digging of trenches.

One of the primary benefits is the cost savings for our clients. Using HDD allows us to reduce the construction costs considerably because there is no need to dig large trenches as part of the project.

Additionally, very little disturbance is caused to the infrastructure above the ground, including roads, pavements and railways. It is also a useful option where terrain makes digging trenches difficult because larger machinery cannot easily access the area or where this would be impossible, e.g., canals, rivers.

On top of these benefits, there are also environmental benefits with Horizontal Directional Drilling. The technique causes less disruption to the surroundings and reduces the open cut work required, thereby reducing the amount of spoil that needs to be removed and providing a suitable option in natural areas where disruption needs to be minimised.

Why Choose WPS?

Our operatives are all trained to a very high level and work to the highest standards. Not only are they experienced in HDD, but they also take safety incredibly seriously.

We provide a complete service including opening notices, traffic management, pipework supply and pipe jointing on top of the actual drilling. Where excavation is required, we can carry this out too along with backfilling and trial and receive pits.

We have invested heavily in high-quality HDD machines that are accurate and versatile, ensuring excellent results for our clients.

Our teams have successfully worked on a wide variety of projects over the years and have gained a great wealth of experience and knowledge.

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