Gas Service Laying in Scotland and the UK

Water & Pipeline Services are experts in the installation of gas service pipes in Scotland and the UK. This highly skilled task requires specialist skills and knowledge as well as the right equipment to carry out the job safely and efficiently.

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Experts in Gas Service Laying

We at WPS Ltd can assist Clients and Developers with all of your gas servicing needs and requirements. Our engineering staff have been involved on numerous gas service installations over the years for all types of commercial and industrial development as well as for adoption by the Gas Utility companies.

As well as providing specialist skilled and knowledgeable operatives we also have and maintain the latest specialist equipment and plant to ensure we carry-out all installation work to the highest of industry standards in both safety and cost effectiveness.

Utilising Trenchless Technology

We specialise in trenchless technology, and have extensive experience in a range of trenchless techniques to reduce the disruption caused by the installation of gas service pipes.

Standard gas service installation techniques require the digging of trenches, but we avoid this wherever possible. Trenches cause disruption and are inconvenient as well as having a bigger impact on the environment.

Where possible, using trenchless techniques, we can install gas service pipes quicker, causing less disruption and making cost savings for our clients at the same time. These techniques are also more environmentally friendly.

Our engineers would normally use the Moling technique to install gas service pipes but Horizontal Directional Drilling can be utilised for longer services when required. We can install new gas service pipes for your project quickly, safely and affordably.

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