Flow and Pressure Testing

As part of our design and consultancy services, and when required by the Water Authority we can provide Flow and Pressure Testing for a wide range of Clients and Developers across Scotland and the UK. If this Survey is required for your development please contact us today to find out how we can assist you.

Pressure Testing

Flow and Pressure Survey testing is required by Water Authority’s to determine the likely impact on the general water infrastructure and local distribution system from the demands from any new developments and can determine if further, more significant assessment works are required.

This can be significantly important for a Developer as the outcomes of any Flow and Pressure Survey could confirm that a development cannot adequately be served without further Impact Assessments being required and indeed some infrastructure reinforcement being required – all at the Developer’s expense.

WPS Ltd can undertake carrying out such Flow and Pressure Surveys including the pressure logging at suitable locations surrounding the development site – as agreed with Scottish Water or the local Water Authority and to advise the developer on the outcomes of the Survey’s Report and any further actions that the Report has identified.

Flow Testing

At WPS Ltd we can provide Flow and Pressure Survey testing Reports for our customers across Scotland and the UK to determine the likely effects of any new developments water demands on the existing water infrastructure around a development site.

Our technical Engineering staff have had significant experience in dealing with such Surveys and in interpreting the outcomes of the test to provide you with all the information that you need and can provide guidance and advise to Clients and Developers on the Surveys outcomes and any remedial or reinforcement works that such a Survey may have identified or if the existing infrastructure is suitable for a directly supplied fire-fighting sprinkler or similar system.

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We would be happy to discuss your requirements for flow and pressure testing, so contact us today. Whether you have questions about these techniques or you would like to hire our services, get in touch to speak to someone today.