Operating Throughout Scotland and the UK

We have been providing specialist pipeline services to our clients since 2012. Our company has grown over the years with the help of our dedicated workforce which in turn has allowed us to invest in them and the latest technology. This has resulted in our company achieving a wide range of accreditations and our employees being trained in the various specialist support services that we offer.

While we are based in Falkirk we serve the whole of Scotland and the UK and can provide the traditional ‘open cut trench’ method of installing water/gas pipelines, ducting and waste-water pipes but also specialise in Trenchless Techniques, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Mainsbursting, Moling, Augering, and Sliplining. We also have Suction Excavators with experienced operators that can significantly reduce the risks of impacting with any existing underground utility apparatus when excavating in congested utility areas. These trenchless technique methods of working allow for a strong focus on safety and minimising environmental impact.


We provide several specialised services to industrial and civil clients, including Developers, Utility companies, commercial clients, Health Boards, national and local government clients across Scotland and the UK. We also provide a specialist Design and Consultancy service to assist you with the planning of the water and waste-water servicing for your project.

We can assist you with: Water & Gas Mains/Services Installation | Water and Wastewater Services inc design. | Cable and Duct Installation | Horizontal Directional Drilling | Mainsbursting/Trenchless | Techniques | Suction Excavation | Pressure Testing | Leak Detection | IP Gas Mains Diversions

Water Leak Detection & Repair
Wastewater Construction
Mainlaying and Servicelaying
Water Service Connections
Gas Main Laying
Gas Service Laying
Soil Sample Analysis
Flow and Pressure Testing
Water Mains and Services Design
Suction Excavation Hire
Horizontal Directional Drilling
IP Steel Main Laying

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We would be pleased to discuss your requirements. Simply contact us during working hours (or out of hours if it’s of an urgent nature) and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you with your project.


Utilising the Latest Technology

We focus on using the very latest techniques and technologies in all our work, which reduces disruption when repairing and installing pipelines.

By reducing the need to dig large trenches, we can help minimise the environmental impact of the project and increase efficiency, it also leads to important cost, quality and timescale benefits for our clients.